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"I couldn't ask for better success! In just 3 weeks I received 8 offers! I attribute 70-80% of my success to working with Kim." AE, Technology Director
"...In keeping with Kim's result-oriented approach, the most impressive aspect is that I am now getting calls that I never would have before." HS, Vice-President
"After my executive job search strategy coaching sessions, I started seeing opportunities everywhere. I realized that they had been there all along, I just needed to learn how to look." IL, CTO
"Wow...what you did really moved this resume a quantum leap forward..." BVH, CTO"
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"The company called within 2 hours of receiving the new resume and scheduled an interview with the COO." DL, CIO
"I wanted to let you know that I landed. I took the CIO position at [a Fortune 500 company]. Truly, I feel the work we did together was invaluable in me landing this job. I want to thank you again, and reiterate that the investment in your services was far and away eclipsed by the value I derived from them." CA, CIO
"This is the best resume I have ever seen!" Corporate Recruiter, T-Mobile
"Seeking out professional assistance and finding you was one of the things I did right!" I will remain a very positive reference for your services." PG, General Manager
"They received 70 resumes and pared it down to 4. Once again, I am in the running because of the strength of the resume." RG, Program Manager, Fortune 100
"...Working together we created, essentially, "Me, Inc." a much more marketable and successful professional. The plan was mine, but created with coaching based on your knowledge and experience. The plan develops my strengths and interests, integrates life and work, is specific and feels right. I will highly recommend your services to anyone who asks (and even those who don't.)" DW, Project Manager
Business woman"Wow...this is very, very impressive." Executive Recruiter, California
"...It wasn't just the resume development, but the branding allowed me to advance, differentiate and win." AE, Technology Director
"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job...I still can't get over how beautiful this looks...if this doesn't get me a job, I don't know what will." LK
"I got an offer today that was thousands more than I expected...your coaching is worthy of a gold medal." LK
"I came away from my coaching sessions with Kim being able to understand, and more importantly, articulate my unique differentiating value to my current and future organizations. I quickly relate to my new resume - seeing my personal 'stories' and their value told in a way that I never could..." HS, Vice-President
"This was the best 4 hours spent on job search." LC Technology Manager
"Very structured approach done in a professional manner. Kim does a great job of working with clients. I enjoyed working with Kim and would refer other people." MK, Technology Operations, Product Marketing Mgr"

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"...Kim understands the technology arena and the CIO role. The sessions ran at a very good pace and the whole experience changed the way I now view my career and personal brand. A very worthwhile experience which I highly recommend. " CM, CIO
"Very good investment and well worthy the time and money." GH, Business Support Manager
"... In addition to the fantastic cover letter and resume you created for me, the Fortune 100 recruiter who called me was very impressed with my Unique Value Proposition. I truly believe I would not have gotten in the door with your help, Kim." RZ, Senior Technology Executive
"Kim's passion made this...into a valuable and enjoyable experience." LC, Technology Manager
"Kim's highly structured process, and personal, web-based coaching sessions provided me with an experience that exceeded my expectations. I now have an executive-level focus on strengths I bring to an employer and knowledge of best practices in seeking the position I want, with a company that I want to work for. Armed with a stunning new resume, bio and supporting documents, I am ready for my career change with a new sense of confidence. I would personally endorse Kim and her services to anyone wishing top-level coaching for an executive level position in IT." PT, Senior IT Executive
"Kim was great to work with...I enjoyed the entire process." RJ, CSO
"Very useful to further my job search and give me more resources and methods to be more effective...I needed to expand and you showed me how." JVF
"Kim is the best out there by a mile!" CM, CIO
"Best money I ever spent." IL, CTO

...we could go on, but we think you get the picture!


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